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    If you're a small business owner, you need to know about all the laws and regulations governing your company. This can be overwhelming and confusing at times, especially because many laws often change. Plus, complying with local, state, and federal entities is...

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    Latest Episodes

    Episode 01 – Welcome to That Southern Business Show

    Episode 01 – Welcome to That Southern Business Show

    Show Notes:

    Thanks for joining me. I’m thrilled to share this podcast. Welcome to That Southern Business Show, sharing insights and ideas for business owners so you can grow your business without losing your sanity!

    I’ve spent the last 15 years working in Human Resources and as a fellow small business owner I understand how hard running a business can be.  Join me on my journey to find better strategies and solutions to make running my business a little easier.

    This is the very first episode of That Southern Business Show. In this initial episode we are going to cover show basics liek the goal and format of the show. The format may change but to start out we highlight a few segments that will reappear in each episode.

    The first section we highlight is Tech Corner.

    This part of the show will consist of:

    • Breaking down a useful technology, software or an app
    • Discuss how you can use it in your business
    • Provide examples of how other business are finding it useful

    The next segment is titled, Strategy Explained.

    In Strategy Explained we will discuss:

    • A specific strategy or process that can systemize or improve an area of your business
    • Systemization, incremental process improvement, business process, desktop procedures
    • How other business have benefited from this strategy

    The last section is Business Blitz.  This is the Q&A section of the podcast where we:

    • Get to the bottom of what keeps business owners up at night
    • Help shed a little light on specific business questions, HR, compliance etc.
    • Work to build a community where we can help each other improve

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