When you first start a small business you probably be running things on a shoestring budget. That means you might not have any employees and even if you’re the Founder/CEO you’re also probably the IT person, bookkeeper, marketing department, HR and heck maybe even the janitor.

You it and you have your hand in every functional area of your business.  This can be an exhilarating feeling, where you have total control of your destiny and shaping something out of nothing is awesome.  But the truth is if you want your business to sustain itself and eventually grow larger, you eventually have to get some help.  This will make sure your business doesn’t plateau and helps you maintain an actual work/life balance. Here are four key benefits of outsourcing to get the help you need:

Increased Clarity

When you are dealing too much in the daily details of your business it’s difficult if not impossible to look at the complete picture.  Small business owners have a terrible habit of getting so focused on the day to day operational details that they can’t separate themselves to step back and take a look at the big picture strategy to make sure their business is headed in the right direction.

But when you have people helping you handling all the small routine day to day things, you can view your situation a lot clearer. You’ll be able to see more clearly which strategies are helping move your business in the right direction and which ones aren’t cutting it.

Better Mental and Physical Health

For many business owners, there are never enough hours in the day. When this happens the first thing that goes out the window is their personal wellness. While pushing yourself to the limit may seem like a necessary evil, it’s actually one of the worst things you can do. Think about it if you aren’t at 100% how can you possible give your clients or even your family your absolute best.

When you have more help at the office, you’ll have extra time which you can reinvest back into yourself. Try to incorporate small self-care routines like getting a massage, you hair done, eating healthier, working out more or even meditating. These activities go a long way in helping you stay motivated and increasing your energy so you have plenty for both your business activities and personal relationships.

Greater Focus

One of the best things about having help is that you can delegate tasks to get the small stuff off your plate while focusing your energy and mental power toward projects that only you can complete. This is the type of work that sets you apart from your competitors and builds your brand image. For example, if you’re a photographer, then only you can actually do the photo sessions with your clients. But updating your company social media accounts with inspirational quotes is something you should definitely be outsourcing to someone else.

Real Work/Life Balance

We all know how hard it can be to have a positive work/life balance. Especially as a business owners there are days when all you want to do is knock out a project, so you spend days locked in your office.  Then there are other days when you don’t want to even look at your email or answer the phone because you’re so exhausted.

Balancing everything is so much easier when you have people on your team you can trust. Once you have the right people to lean on it’s a lot easier to relax because you know that everything is going to get taken care of.

Just remember even if you aren’t big enough to hire staff you still don’t have to do everything yourself. You can outsource things you either don’t enjoy or you don’t really know how to do well so you don’t waste time struggling to get things accomplished and your focus is entirely where it belongs growing your business.

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