Tips for Employee Selection for Your Business

Finding the right employees is crucial for small businesses. Check out this article for tips on employee selection and how to find the best ones for you!

With over three million employees leaving their jobs every month, it’s safe to say that the high turnover rate in your office is an issue.

But what you might not be as aware of?

Surprisingly, about 80 percent of that employee turnover rate is due to poor hiring choices. If you’re dealing with a high turnover rate, or if you just want to act in a proactive manner when it comes to your hiring process, keep reading.

We’ll share some of the biggest reasons for high turnover rates. Then, we’ll offer some of our best advice about how to improve your overall employee selection process.

By the end, you’ll understand how to hire people that are going to stick around to grow with your company. You will also know how to make the best employee selection decisions the first time around.

Understanding the Reasons Behind High Employee Turnover

Sometimes, the reasons why you seem to be having such bad luck with your employees — whether that means they’re leaving of their own free will or through firing — are out of your control.

People are forced to move to care for a sick family member, or maybe their position had to be eliminated.

But did you know that over 70 percent of employees say leave their jobs because there weren’t enough opportunities for investment? People want to work for a company that’s a growing and attracting business.

Furthermore, over 30 percent leave their jobs because their salaries are not competitive enough to keep them. Let’s face it – people expect a good salary in the workplace.

Some don’t like the office environment. Some say that they’re mismanaged. Others (try over 70 percent of employees) are simply unhappy, or feel that they’re not engaged or challenged by their workplaces.

Once you understand the reasons why people are leaving your company — or not applying for your positions at all — you can begin to address them.

Of course, you’ll also need to make sure that you’re taking proactive steps when it comes to your initial employee selection.

Let’s move on to learning what you can do to hire the right people in the first place now.

Verify Resumes and Check References

Ready for this number?

An astounding 82 percent of employees lie on their resumes.

So, how can you tell if they’re lying?

The first thing you need to do is immediately contact their references and ask for employment verification. When you’re conducting these interviews, ask about scenarios relating to their past positions.

If they can’t provide real-world examples, then chances are they haven’t been honest on their resumes. It’s your responsibility to make sure they tell the truth.

Additionally, contact their colleagues to check any degrees that they’ve claimed to have earned.

Conduct Thorough Background Checks

Besides checking the references of potential employees, you should conduct thorough background checks.

These will help ensure that you’re not hiring anyone with a criminal record. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that you haven’t hired someone who has worked with a competitor or who may have a conflict of interests.

This isn’t just a safety precaution.

Your future clients might ask if your employment selection process includes background checks. You should also expect to lose a few clients if it doesn’t.

Consider Your Office Culture

Often, many interviewers are caught up in finding the candidates with the perfect skill set. As a result, they forget all about whether or not that candidate will fit in well with the office culture.

During the interview, ask for a description of their ideal work environment. Try to find out more about their past experiences with office culture.

Also, be sure to ask them what they consider to be a strong leadership. Let them tell you more about their preferred work style. Additionally, ask them about what they expect when working for your company.

These questions help determine how well a potential employee will fit in with the personalities and skill sets you already have in your office.

Provide Ongoing Training/Support

The keyword here is “ongoing.”

While most employees receive training when they start a new job, they need continuous support to succeed and grow their skill sets.

This will also help you evaluate their performance. Plus, you’ll see whether or not they’re progressing at the rate you’d like.

It will also make your employees feel as though they’re in a supportive environment, one that wants them to grow beyond their current level.

It lets them develop skill sets that you didn’t even know they had. Often, this can save you from having to hire a new employee in the future.

Don’t Rush to Fill a Position

The final thing to keep in mind when it comes to employee selection?

Even though no one wants a position sitting vacant forever, you shouldn’t rush to make a decision. This leads to poor hiring decisions that increase your turnover rate and disrupt the flow of your office.

Patience is a virtue. The right candidate is out there. While you can be proactive in your search, never hire the first person that comes along.

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